Hi, I am Caryn Hall and I would like to welcome you to “I Vow to Be.” 

I am an ordained minister and Certified Hypnotherapist.  I attended Crown College in Minnesota as a seminarian, and completed four years and a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry. I have been blessed since then to work in ministry for over 8 years and have worked as a Youth Minister, Christian Education Director, Pastoral Counselor and consultant.  After my journey took me through many life-altering events, I made a decision to follow a life that was not just anchored in helping others, but showing the spiritual side of life and celebrating this with everyone that I was blessed to have in my path. I then went on to further my education at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona to add the modalities of hypnotherapy and integrative healing arts to my tool box.  This would allow me to expand on addressing the idea of whole body healing approach; mind, body and spirit. 

Please contact me with any questions on the services I offer. God Bless…I Vow to Be, was created to celebrate life, love and the journey….all of it, including the obstacles and hardships that help us to grow.  Part of being ordained is vowing to do and be what God and others need you to be.  I took this very seriously and decided that my life’s work was to walk alongside others offering guidance, healing, direction, relationship and support; no matter how. We all need vows in our lives. When marrying, you will vow to one another love, life and fidelity.  When choosing a career, you will vow to yourself and others to do the best you can for the good of all. When raising children, your vow is to care for them and love them unconditionally. With your own being, you should vow daily to live your own personal truth without apology, with acceptance and in fullness to who you were made to be. To you, I vow to be a support and guide in making your personal promises to one another and to your own life in life, mind and spirit. 

        --- Caryn